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Personal Trainings

Personal Training

We have helped large number of individuals successfully achieve their fitness goal whether they are;

  • Office executive desiring to stay lean.
  • Students in want of fit physique.
  • Over weight looking to reduce excess body weight.
  • Under weights longing for size.
  • Athletes engaged in any professional sports in need of an extra edge over their fellow competitors.
  • Body builders achieving their best to win the competition.

Coaching is done under the supervision of qualified instructors. These trainers have in-depth knowledge of strength and flexibility training as well as weight management. Highly experienced and extremely committed to the fitness industry, these trainers will help you reach your peak potential through setting up realistic short and long term goals. The management has arranged for training videos sessions, along with setup of a library section containing variety of literature on the related subjects. Special classes and programmes are also arranged for members especially females, offering a class or programme which is highly motivational and upbeat. Schedules are always displayed long before start of each programme round the year. Aerobic and yoga classes are also a delight for ladies members. For the first time we have also provided the facility of home coaching on special charges for any one who has constraint to join the gym. Similarly for creating sense of awareness towards the importance of fitness in today's youth specially kids under sixteen, special coaching classes for Martial Arts and its related fields are also arranged.

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